Every day we enhance lives through our products and technology used in cars and other vehicles. Our spark plug tips, airbag initiators and sensors are integral in the automotive industry.

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With years of experience and expertise with precious metal wire, our products are tailor made to meet your needs.

We developed an alloy wire for an automotive manufacturing customer that was 50% stronger than before, allowing them to develop the next generation of their product.

Iridium and Platinum Ignition Products

We have extensive experience in making iridium and platinum components for premium grade automotive spark plug producers. Our spark plug tips meet the stringent emission standards and demanding engine environments, giving up to 100,000 miles usage. Iridium is particularly suitable for this demanding application with its high melting point and mechanical strength, and our expertise of working with the difficult material is invaluable.

Ultrafine Platinum Wire for Airbag Initiators

We're expert manufacturers of wire used to trigger airbags, essential to ensuring safety in vehicles. Our ultrafine wire (0.01-0.025mm diameter) has a tightly controlled diameter, with typical tolerances of ±3%.

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