3D printed structurals

We have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology to deliver tailored ceramic products with flexible geometries and feature sizes down to just 400 µm. This process is fully scalable, offering a cost effective solution for producing small complex ceramics on a large scale. Our state-of-the-art analytic laboratory ensures exceptional precision and quality throughout.

Cutting edge technology:

  • Materials can be screened quickly for printability.
  • Prototypes can be easily developed and refined.
  • Products are characterized to suit their end use.

Customised Geometries:

  • Complex shapes with feature sizes down to 400 µm.
  • Customised approach to benefit specific applications, such as increasing surface area or reducing pressure drop in fluid systems.

Material Flexibility:

  • Ability to trial and print using a variety of different materials, developing new recipes with very small quantities of ceramics depending upon the application.

Alain Groborz and Dr Sam Thomas discuss Johnson Matthey's new ceramic 3D printing capabilities:

Ceramic printed structural