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Crystal Growing

Iridium Crucibles

Iridium's high melting point, mechanical strength and resistance to chemical attack make it ideal for growing high purity single crystals. Our iridium crucibles are used to grow various metal oxide single crystals, including scintillation crystals used in metal scanners and mobile phones as well as those used in liquid crystal display backlighting.

Our low level doping of iridium alloys used to make crucibles improves the service life and performance, specifically for growing lithium tantalate crystals.

Through our extensive experience we've developed an excellent understanding of working with this difficult material to produce outstanding fabrications, often working with complex customer drawings.

Our iridium crucibles are available with:

  • Standard sizes with volumes ranging from 30cm3 to >6000cm3.
  • Wall thickness from <1mm to 4mm (0.04-0.157").
  • Standard flat-bottoms with an edge radius of around 6mm (0.236"). Alternatively we can form a radius or hemispherical base, and an internal radius at the base of 6-8mm can be supplied.
  • Seam welds dressed on the inside, which can also be dressed on the outside if required.

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