We offer a range of high purity, efficient and economical products for complex electronic applications, as well as expert guidance to meet your needs.

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Our precious metal sheet, wire and tube provide you with the highest possible quality for manufacturing Resistance Thermometer Detectors (RTDs) and electrical contacts. We also provide RTD lead-out wire which can be plated or coated if required. These products are made to meet your requirements and specifications, including hardness, resistance, and tensile strength.

Our silver palladium tubes are used for hydrogen purifications and semi-conductors.

We can give you technical support and discuss suitable products for you based on different precious metal properties.

In pure form we offer sheet, wire and tube to the following purities:

  • 99.998% platinum
  • 99.99% palladium
  • 99.9% iridium
  • 99.95% rhodium
  • 99.9985% gold

We can make a vast range of precious metal alloyed products, including but not limited to:

Rhodium platinum (various alloys)
Iridium platinum (various alloys)
10% nickel platinum
8% tungsten platinum
10% copper platinum
Silver palladium (various alloys)
15% molybdenum palladium
37.5% copper/silver gold


We also offer Zirconia Grain Stabilised (ZGS) platinum or 10% rhodium platinum products. Dispersing zirconia particles into the metal considerably improves the performance by:

  • Slowing down the degradation, extending the operating life
  • Increasing its mechanical strength and durability
  • Dramatically increasing resistance to grain growth, contamination and deformation.

Ultrafine Precious Metal Wire

The high conductivity, melting point, chemical inertness and electrical stability of our ultrafine platinum based wire (0.01-0.025mm diameter) makes it ideal for RTD lead-out wire. We tightly control the wire diameter, with typical tolerances of +/-3%, and we can tailor make ingots through batch selection and careful doping.

Precious Metal Sheet

Our precious metal sheet is available in widths up to

  • 500mm if more than 0.4mm thick
  • 100mm if between 0.05-0.4mm thick
  • 50mm if less than 0.05mm thick

Precious Metal Tube

We manufacture tube to a consistently high quality with exceptional dimensional stability. They are eddy-current and pressure tested to ensure tube integrity. We can make them with:

  • Outside diameters from 0.3-25mm, with some materials available down to 0.1mm
  • Lengths up to 3m, depending on the wall thickness
  • Round, oval or square shape.

Precious Metal Wire

As well as our pure and alloyed wire, we make Regalohm wire to the following specific resistance (in micro ohm cm):

  • Regalohm 62 - 8% tungsten platinum
  • Regalohm 42 - 40% silver palladium
  • Regalohm 41 - 10% ruthenium platinum
  • Regalohm 32 - 20% iridium platinum
  • Regalohm 31 - 5% ruthenium, 15% rhodium platinum
  • Regalohm 25 - 10% iridium platinum
  • Regalohm 19 - 10% rhodium platinum
  • Regalohm 11 - 20% palladium silver
  • Regalohm 6 - 10% palladium silver

All of our wire can be made to your required thickness, with typical diameters of:

  • 0.1-4.5mm (0.005-0.177") for rhodium
  • 0.127-4.0mm (0.005-0.157") for iridium
  • 0.03-25mm for all other wire

It can be delivered in coils, on a choice of reels, straight lengths and as cropped pins. Iridium wire is available in continuous lengths or cropped to a minimum of 0.5mm (0.02").

For more information about our electronics products please contact us, request a quote or fill out an enquiry form.