We are the only global fabricator that offers a complete range of complementing technologies for glass manufacturers across all sectors. We make tailored recommendations for your needs to help minimise costs and maximise benefits.

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Our platinum group metal (pgm) products are inert in contact with molten glass, providing unequalled resistance to corrosion during glass melting and forming. They offer financial benefits through:

  • Increased output
  • Lower downtime
  • Extended campaign life
  • Ceramic shape retention
  • Reduced glass defects through reduced erosion of ceramic parts by the molten glass
  • Producing more conforming products and less re-working.

We offer full precious metal recovery with typical metal returns exceeding 95% for ACT™ coatings and 98% for fabrications and linings.

Advanced Coating Technology

ACT™ coatings protect ceramics through a thin coating (200-500 µm) of platinum or 10% rhodium/platinum. Ideal for long runs and limited thermal cycling, they provide:

  • Protection at the glass line
  • Protection against corrosive vapour condensates
  • Complete corrosion resistance against the attack of any molten glass, including soda lime, crystal, borosilicate and opal
  • 100% shape retention for the lifetime of the coating, allowing a stable forming process and reducing costs.

The flexible process allows the coating to be applied to complex shapes. The coating configuration and thickness can be tailored.

Our ACT™ coatings allowed one of our customers to extend the service life of their feeder consumable set from three weeks to over a year. This reduced their operational cost through less downtime, while increasing their product quality through fewer defects.
Feeder consumable set
Specialised Products
Furnace blocks

Thermocouple Wires and Assemblies

As the market leader in precious metal thermocouples, our wires and assemblies are renowned for accuracy and reliability. We supply type R, S and B thermocouple wire as well as other precious metal combinations.

Our thermocouple assemblies are proven to last the full furnace campaign, while withstanding high temperature applications. We also offer full technical support, including advice on safeguarding thermocouple performance and minimising drift.

Advanced Coating Technology (ACT™) Thermocouple Assemblies
Protective Tubes

Platinum and Iridium Fabrications and Linings

As a long-established supplier of platinum group metals, our fabrications and linings withstand thermal cycling, ceramic cracking and exchange of contacting parts. We can provide:

  • Sheet, to standard or customised tolerances with full traceability
  • Tube for bubblers, drains and thermocouple sheaths, manufactured seamless or with a seam weld to the highest possible quality and tolerances
  • More complex parts such as stirrers, spout bowls, refiners or feeder chambers, customised to your designs and tolerances.

We offer several options for fabrications and linings but we provide a tailored recommendation to minimise costs and maximise benefits.

We weld sheet from 0.35mm- 10mm thick to achieve full penetration with minimum distortion. If desired we can dress welds so they aren't visible.

Zirconia Grain Stabilised Alloys

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