Always being at the forefront of technology, we've played an essential role in Johnson Matthey's history since 1817. Through our key milestones we have developed the expertise to become the internationally renowned business we are today.

Slide 1960s


We introduced catchment gauzes into gauze packs for effective platinum recovery.

Slide 1968


We developed the Zirconia Grain Stabilised (ZGS) process, increasing the mechanical strength and durability of platinum alloys.

Slide 1985


We began supplying platinum based spark plugs for ignition systems.

Slide 1993


We launched Advanced Coating Technology. ACT™ coatings protect ceramics against corrosion, particularly in the glass industry, through a thin layer of pgm on the surface.

Slide 1996


We invented knitting technology for gauzes. Compared to traditional woven gauzes this provides an in increased conversion efficiency of ammonia to nitric acid through better metal distribution and a greater surface contact area.

Slide 1998


We were first able to make ultrafine wire down to a thickness of 10μm.

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