We are a world leading supplier of a variety of platinum group metal laboratory apparatus, including crucibles, dishes and casting moulds.

Analytical Laboratory

Our skilled, experienced staff create high quality apparatus using stringent inspections and control checks. This provides the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility in chemical analysis through platinum's unique chemical inertness and ability to tolerate high temperatures.

Our team are on hand to give you advice on all aspects of your lab apparatus; from product information to maximising its performance.

We predominantly make platinum labware, but with our customised approach and precious metals expertise we provide apparatus of the most suitable material for your desired properties.

We can also make apparatus using Zirconia Grain Stabilised (ZGS) platinum alloys. Dispersing zirconia particles into the metal considerably improves its performance by:

  • Slowing down the degradation, extending the apparatus life
  • Increasing its mechanical strength and durability
  • Dramatically increasing resistance to grain growth, contamination and deformation.

They are suitable for high stress and high temperature applications, and the extra strength means many ZGS crucibles and dishes can be made thinner to save expenditure on precious metal.

We can also incorporate expanded metal mesh into the apparatus, giving structural integrity, high strength to weight ratio and good rigidity. This can be made from a range of metals to the dimensions required for your specific application.

Platinum Crucibles and Dishes

We manufacture crucibles and dishes to provide maximum service life, with the bases being thicker than the walls. The capacities and shapes available meet most laboratory requirements and we can custom make other products. Most of our crucibles and dishes are made from 99.7% platinum with small additions of iridium and rhodium, but other materials are available. We also offer:

  • Reinforced rims to give extra strength, reducing deformation often caused by frequent use of crucible tongs
  • Flange shaped lids with a lug for easy handling
  • A full range of plastic formers and plugs for storage and reshape of crucibles and dishes.
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Crucibles and Casting Moulds for Sample Bead Preparation

Our range of crucible and casting mould designs are suitable for various automatic and semi-automatic machines for bead preparation. They can withstand high temperature flux fusion through their resistance to chemical attack, avoiding sample contamination.

We use the non-wetting 5% gold platinum alloy which is universally accepted in modern spectroscopy. It ensures high accuracy of the analysis by stopping samples adhering to the crucible or mould and leaving a residue, which can roughen the sample surface. To further increase the life, we have developed a ZGS 5% gold platinum alloy which gives more consistent results by producing smooth sample beads.

Our crucible and casting moulds are made for your specific application, including (but not limited to) those compatible with the following machines:

  • Pheonix
  • Leco
  • Herzog
  • Claisse Fluxer
  • Perl-X
  • Linn Fusion
  • Katanax


Platinum anodes can be used in most electrolytes except strong acid chloride solutions. As cathodes they can be used for depositing metals from acid, alkaline or ammonia solutions.

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Specialist Equipment

We provide:

  • Micro crucibles with a small lug for easy handling with forceps
  • Micro dishes
  • Micro boats suitable for weighing or ignition, with a lug pierced by a central 2mm hole
  • Combustion boats
  • Filter cones manufactured with expanded sheet platinum with 36 0.9mm holes per cm2
  • Dish capsules, provided with lugs (and pouring lips on request)
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We also supply:

  • Crucible tongs (ref 70851), 200mm long with frames of polished stainless steel. They are fitted with shot-blasted platinum shoes weighing approximately 1.25g per pair. For longer life we can supply tongs with solid platinum tips of custom length or standard tongs with longer platinum shoes.
  • Stainless steel spring forceps (ref 70854), 130mm long with sharp or rounded platinum tips that are lightly milled on the inner faces and weigh approximately 1.4g per pair. We can also platinum sheath the tips of a wide range of steel forceps and tweezers.
  • Triangles of hard platinum iridium between 40-75mm wide for hot fusion work, which hot crucibles cannot adhere to.
  • Gauze baskets (ref 71593) for the Sch√∂niger combustion technique, 70mm tall with a 20mm high and 7mm diameter basket. The average weight is 2.5g.

For more information on our laboratory products please contact us, request a quote or fill out an enquiry form.