We have a broad and comprehensive range of capabilities in fabricating medical device components from precious metals, nitinol (nickel titanium) and engineered plastics. Our high quality components are produced using advanced manufacturing processes and are trusted by medical device producers worldwide.

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We make precious metal components in a variety of alloys as tube, rod, ribbon, wire, sheet, foil and micromachined form. Typically these are used for radio-opaque marker bands, electrode tips and rings, pacemakers and defibrillators.

We specialise in nitinol (nickel titanium) for medical devices, using our expertise to exploit its shape memory and super elastic properties for catheter shafts, stents and guidewires. We can also develop custom fixtures to provide efficient shape setting of the final design. Our nitinol wire, ribbon and tubing are available in a variety of sizes and our nitinol sheet is the thinnest in the industry. We also provide precision micromachining on nitinol to produce unlimited shapes and sizes.

Our micromachined parts are made to the highest quality through our CNC Swiss machines, which are operated by trained specialists. These are used in numerous applications, including cardiac implants, precision pins, and vessel closure implants.

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