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Dalton O'Brien photo

Dalton O'Brien
Sales Coordinator

After finishing college and a summer of playing football I needed a job, and with my sister's help I started working in Johnson Matthey's Royston canteen. I served and cleared up after thousands of Johnson Matthey staff every day, and while it was great getting to know half of the company, I wanted to achieve more.

Having seen an advert on the job board in canteen, I applied for a role in the pack and dispatch team within Noble Metals, who deal with every item going out of their secure factory. I gave myself an advantage over the other candidates when I was the only one to turn up for the interview in a suit! I moved from packing lunches to packing high value products and helping orders get to customers. In this role I was given the opportunity to learn about lean techniques and implement these to improve pack and dispatch processes.

Five years later I decided to go for another step up, so applied for a role as a sales coordinator for Noble Metals. My work on lean processes helped me get the job by demonstrating my commitment to improving the business wherever I can. Now I find myself managing orders rather than packing them and currently handle all UK industrial and medical accounts.

As someone who didn't go to university I'm grateful for the opportunities I've been given by Johnson Matthey. They have supported me in progressing both personally and professionally; I've moved up from being the person serving lunches to the person being served. Who knows where I'll get to in the future, but I'll never forget to clear up my tray in the canteen!

Venkata Pokkuluri photo

Venkata Pokkuluri
Interim Operations Manager and Engineering Manager

My background is in metallurgical engineering and failure analysis of metals, having worked as a scientist in the Defence Metallurgical Laboratory back in India. After moving to the USA in 2007, I pursued my Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering, after which I started as a Materials Engineer with Johnson Matthey in San Jose. My primary focus was nitinol tube production and process development, while being a liaison between customers and our production team.

Since then, I have moved up through a number of roles. My first step up was to Engineering Lead for nitinol parts, including initiating continuous improvement products, and then I became Engineering Supervisor, looking at growth projects with a focus on safety and efficiency. From there I was promoted to Engineering Manager to strategically develop and implement continuous improvement engineering projects. I then took on my current role of Interim Operations Manager, running the San Jose plant. I am now responsible for improving behavioural safety, operations and financial metrics as well as manufacturing excellence projects, with a major focus on health and safety.

Along this journey I have developed a unique set of technical, people and leadership skills, which I am known for; the opportunities Johnson Matthey have provided me with have allowed me to grow within the company.

Stephanie Korszen photo

Stephanie Korszen
Product Specialist

Coming from the neurophysiology field, I was drawn to Johnson Matthey’s medical components division by a passion for contributing to innovative medical devices. With my biomedical engineering background and my recent Master’s in Medical Device Engineering, I find excitement in the opportunities that Johnson Matthey provides to engage with the manufacturing process, and in the life-saving devices that our micromachined components enable.

Prior to joining Johnson Matthey, I served as the Product Engineering Manager at an ISO 13485-certified medical device manufacturer in San Diego that specializes in portable, unobtrusive neurotechnologies. In addition to the commercial experience I gained in this role, I was also involved in a wide range of R&D projects and research studies funded through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, universities, and government labs.

I’m originally from Southwest Florida, but I left the beach for a few years to attend Duke University. After graduating, I moved to San Diego to immerse myself in the biotech and medical device industry.

Iain Hepplewhite photo

Iain Hepplewhite
Senior Engineer

My old junior school faces Johnson Matthey's Billingham Site. Back then as a 7 year old, the site belonged to ICI and formed a corner of one of the biggest chemical complexes in the country. It employed around 15,000 people at its height. It produced a vast array of chemicals, from plastics to synthetic fuels and nitrate fertilizers, with each plants chimneys and stacks pumping out multi-coloured gasses. This is the reason Teessiders are so warmly referred to as "Smoggies".

I should point out that growing up in Billingham wasn't a grim industrialised experience. Billingham was a boom town with flower gardens, fountains, ponds full of fish, chipmunks in cages and even a monkey.

Unfortunately times change. We no longer need a lot of the chemicals produced at Billingham, and some of the other chemicals were cheaper to manufacture abroad. As a result the Billingham complex is now a shadow of its former self. However, Johnson Matthey has retained close working relationships with the companies that are left, ensuring that they use the best available technology to maximise production and reduce their environmental emissions.

As for the production that moved abroad? Johnson Matthey has been at the forefront of globally marketing our catalyst that reduces N2O (eCO2) emissions, helping nitric acid manufacturers meet stringent regulations. It has been installed into a range of low, medium and high pressure plants worldwide in both developed and developing countries with very successful results.

Which leads me back to the little kid standing in the school playground staring up at all the chimneys and stacks. That young child, me, went on to play a significant part in Johnson Matthey's successes, through years working for ICI and then Johnson Matthey.

Julie Ashcroft photo

Julie Ashcroft
Product Specialist

I joined Johnson Matthey in 2013 on the Precious Metal Products Division graduate scheme. I spent my first year working for our Advanced Glass Technologies Business Unit in Maastricht in a R&D and process development role, working on the production of glass enamels for car windshields and technical glass materials.

I then moved to Noble Metals, working in the Royston factory in production support. During this second rotation I took a secondment into a process engineering role as I wanted to use more of my chemical engineering background. That job became permanent and I became heavily involved setting up process modelling for nitric acid manufacturers. While getting to know the industry better, I was able to take on more commercial responsibility and visit customers, which put me in a good position to apply for a Product Specialist role that came up in the team, which I was recently appointed to. I am looking forward to working more closely with customers in this role, while further developing the services we offer.

Michael Grassie photo

Michael Grassie
Production Manager

Life has a funny way of working out for the best. Having graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University (the State University of New Jersey) in 2007, I was planning on moving to the Dallas, Texas to accept a job at a housing materials company. Luckily for me, given my start date would have coincided nicely with the worst housing crisis in American history, that offer fell through. Still in need of a job, I gladly accepted an interview at Johnson Matthey’s Devon Emission Control Technologies (ECT) site on the referral from a classmate that had already begun working there. I secured an offer to start working shortly thereafter as a Process Control Engineer in the autocatalyst plant, and so began my career with Johnson Matthey.

I spent the next eight years working in a variety of progressing roles. I was a supervisor in the Pilot Plant during the validation of new equipment and formulations that would eventually make up the bulk of the Smithfield facility’s products. I then moved over to supervise the night shift of the Devon diesel facility. In that role I began working on my MBA part time at Temple University and was eventually promoted to Production Superintendent, managing new hires in the very role I started in. After two years in that role and with my MBA now complete I took the opportunity to move to a new Division (and a new coast!) In my current role as a Production Manager for Noble Metal’s San Diego facility, I have been thoroughly enjoying the change of scenery for the past nine months and couldn’t be happier.

Sang-Weon Seo photo

Sang-Weon Seo
Korea Sales Manager

I joined the Korea branch of Johnson Matthey in 1998 after working in LG Chemical as an export sales manager for two and a half years. LG Chem is a big company in Korea, so my mother was worried when I told her about my move to Johnson Matthey, however after checking with a cousin working in London for a Korean bank, she was supportive of my decision.

My main responsibility at Johnson Matthey has been Noble Metals and platinum group metal (pgm) sales, as well as being manager of the Precious Metal Products Division office in Korea. I have also been involved in other divisions within the company, including autocatalyst, process catalyst and fuel cell sales. I am very grateful for being given these opportunities, which have given me a lot of enjoyable experiences of different cultures and people; the best thing about Johnson Matthey for me is the people I have been working with, which I am sure will continue.

So despite majoring in Chemical Engineering at Sogang University, most of my working life has been in various sales roles, including local, export and import. My love of sports, however, has not changed; I am a sports mania and a big fan of watching baseball, playing golf. I also enjoy travelling, fishing and philosophy.

Pauline Collins photo

Pauline Collins
Senior Logistics Specialist

I started in the export business in 1977 and held a number of shipping roles in very different industries. In 1989 I joined Johnson Matthey as part of a team looking after exports for the Chemicals, Noble Metals, Hatton Gardens and Precious Metal Management departments.

Three years later I was asked to set up a shipping department for Noble Metals to prioritise their high value shipments. While working in this role I went to night school for four years to study with the Institute of Export, obtaining a globally recognised professional qualification.

My role has grown tremendously over the years, with more customers, more diverse products and more specialist work. It is a challenging role, with the rules and regulations constantly changing, and we have to take each product on a case by case basis, considering factors such as the value, size and weight. But I enjoy this challenge of getting high value goods, often of unusual sizes, to our customers.

Almost 40 years after starting my career I am now Senior Logistics Specialist and manage a team of six in Noble Metals, looking after the packing and shipping of products.

Alexandra French photo

Alexandra French
Commercial Director, Industrial Products

I joined Johnson Matthey in 1997 as a graduate chemist in their Emission Control Technologies (ECT) Division; I was keen to find a job in which I would use my technical degree but also work for a company that offered lots of different opportunities.

After a couple of years as a Product Development Chemist developing new catalyst technologies for gasoline vehicles, I moved into a small scale production management role within our Prototype Samples group. This role enabled me to gain people management experience very early on in my career.

I then decided to move into a commercial role and joined the ECT Sales and Marketing team. In my roles as Account Manager and Business Manager I was selling very technical products, drawing on my technical background. As the first point of contact for the customer account, I found myself involved with commercial, technical, project management, finance, logistics, quality or any other issues. It was very satisfying to work on a programme for a number of years and then finally see that vehicle launched to the public.

After ten years I moved into ECT's Regional Quality department as a Customer Quality Manager, responsible for our German customers who held a very high profile within the business. It was interesting and challenging to understand and negotiate all their quality requirements and ensure that these were clearly communicated and implemented worldwide across ECT.

Having spent 15 years in ECT I moved back into the Sales environment as Sales and Marketing Director for our Noble Metals Europe business. It was very exciting to be involved in a completely new area of the business for me, with different challenges and lots of potential to develop the business. Having made significant progress for the business in this role I became Global Commercial Director of Industrial Products, which again brings exciting prospects and new challenges.

Hessel Douma photo

Hessel Douma
Assistant Production Manager

After studying Mechanical Engineering and Operations Management at university, I joined the Precious Metal Products Division graduate scheme at Johnson Matthey. In my three years on the graduate scheme I worked in a variety of roles in the Advanced Glass Technologies and Noble Metals Business Units in the Netherlands, China and the UK. These opportunities gave me invaluable experience in lean manufacturing, process engineering, team leading, scheduling and systems implementation.

I am now Assistant Production Manager for Noble Metals and enjoy working with the unique processes that we use to provide tailored products to customers. Together with the team leaders in each of our manufacturing departments, I work to deliver high quality products to customers on time, while also making our factory safer.

Clare Brown photo

Clare Brown
Operator, Nitro-Technologies

I’ve had a number of roles in the nitro-technologies production team, and I took on the role of EHS champion to take on more responsibility, seeing as this is such an important topic in Johnson Matthey as our priority value. It focuses on combatting behavioural safety and challenge people’s health and safety behaviour. Within my department, ergonomics are particularly important, with lots of bending, twisting and manual handling required to draw wire, knit/ weave the gauzes, cut them and weld the seams. I have initiated a number of assessments in order to improve processes to eliminate these risks, which helps us create a culture where we challenge others, share our lessons and learn from these.

Michael Rom photo

Michael Rom
Senior Sales Coordinator

After graduating from college in 2006 with a degree in Business Marketing and Management, I started working as a retail manager. I wanted a little more, so I moved into the financial industry where I held a Series 6, 63 and Life Insurance licenses. When the financial market went south, I realized that industry was not for me and with help from a friend that worked at Johnson Matthey, I got a job in the shipping department of West Whiteland.

A few months later a sales position opened up, which I successfully applied for. From there I started working with California medical customers, and then I moved onto working solely with our Nitinol product line. I most recently have been working with strictly our international counterparts.

Earlier this year I was promoted to the role of Senior Sales Coordinator for the medical industry. Some of my new responsibilities include making sure our policies and procedures are up to date and accurate, along with helping on non-standard pricing inquiries. I look to continue increasing my role with Johnson Matthey and hope to become a Product Specialist in the future.