Our most recent Nitric Acid Users Group (NAUG) in April, held in Tucson Arizona, was a great success, with excellent discussions and useful information shared between the 55 attendees.

Nitric Acid Users Group

For the 23rd year running we brought together producers from a number of companies and plant locations, providing a forum for exchanging knowledge, considering common issues and providing connections to industry peers.

There was a focus on safety in the papers, including lessons learnt from plant incidents and risk matrix modeling. Other topics covered legacy equipment replacement and new plant commissioning.

The daily open discussions - the most popular part of the conference, where delegates raise questions and topics of interest - generated interesting group conversations, notably:

  • How best to monitor HNO3 slippage during start-ups.
  • Experiences with metal losses due to new metal plating after a clean-down.
  • Sealing a warped basket.
  • Flow straighteners and perforated plates to reduce flow disturbances.

We'd like to thanks the sponsors for contributing to the success of the conference: Alloy Engineering, Grave Technologies, ClimeCo, Bruce Metals and Espindesa.

Our Preparations for NAUG XXIV are already underway, with the conference returning to the same venue in Tucson next year.