Our exclusive partnership with ProSim, a leading engineering software company for process simulation, will allow nitric acid manufacturers to further enhance the performance of their entire plant.

ProSim Process Modelling

ProSim have over 25 years of experience worldwide in providing premium software and services for process simulation and optimisation. Our collaboration with them makes us the only catalyst provider to use their ProSimPlus HNO3 software, allowing us to simulate the complete nitric acid plant in addition to the catalyst gauzes.

ProSimPlus HNO3 software is the only process simulator fully dedicated to the nitric acid process, considering the complexity of physical and chemical phenomena and accounting for all chemical reactions. It also has specific unit operations for the absorption column and nitrous vapours condenser.

Combined with our proprietary kinetic model to simulate catalyst performance in the burner, we can use this to model and optimise the complete nitric acid process, offering:

  • Improved conversion efficiency
  • Pressure drop modelling
  • Diagnostics and cost benefit analysis
  • Benchmarking

We will have several options available for customers to access this process modeling, including ProSim software licenses, preliminary reports and comprehensive studies; further details will follow.