We are delighted to have opened a new Center for Coatings and Surface Solutions in our West Whiteland site in North America.

Opening ceremony for Center for Coatings and Surface Solutions

The new center enables us to offer state of the art coating technologies and surface solutions to enhance the performance of our medical and industrial components. This includes a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) laboratory, with deposition conditions that can be fully customized to allow deposition of various material systems as well as platinum group metal thin films and coatings.

New coating facility

The equipment features a process chamber dedicated to 2D coatings, offering a flat coating area of up to 6.0” (15.2cm) diameter with temperature control up to 800°C.

An additional process chamber provides the capability of coating 3D objects on all exterior surfaces with high uniformity and utilization, with applications including:

  • Enhanced component visibility during fluoroscopy
  • Increased charge injection capacity and lower polarization for neurostimulation electrodes
  • Anti-bacterial surfaces
  • Optimized surface area, biocompatibility, tribological behaviour and wettability

Using our high tech equipment, we can deposit a wide range of materials, including:

  • Platinum group metals
  • Non precious metals
  • Metallic alloys
  • Ceramics, including oxides, nitrides and carbides
  • Insulators and semi-conductors

Demonstration of new equipment

Full control of input processing gases allows us to offer reactively formed complex coatings, such as nitrides, oxides and carbides.

For more information or a quote please contact Dr. Shahram Amini.