We've cut our lead times for marker bands and ring electrodes to just four weeks.

Platinum Marker Bands

In response to customer feedback, Johnson Matthey has expanded capacity to allow for quicker turnaround on custom radiopaque marker bands and ring electrodes. This will benefit medical device manufacturers in all phases of product development, allowing for faster iterations during research and development and accommodating unanticipated spikes in demand during production.

The new four week lead times apply to:

  • 90/10 Pt/Ir parts
  • Outside diameters of 0.02” – 0.22” (0.508 – 5.588mm)
  • Wall thicknesses of 0.001” – 0.01” (0.0254 – 0.254mm)
  • Standard aspect ratios (OD to wall thickness) of 5:1-75:1.
  • We announced this initiative at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) last month and received excellent feedback from the medical device manufacturers we spoke to there.