We know how important it is for you to know where your products come from; here we explain our position on

Platinum Jewelry

At Johnson Matthey we are proud to be one of America's platinum suppliers and we're proud to support the American jewelry industry. However, under the FTC guidelines we are unable to describe our products as made in the USA because the raw materials are largely mined elsewhere. So even though most of our jewelry products are made using metal recycled and refined at our site in the USA, it is originally sourced in South Africa and other mines across the world.

At present, no platinum fabricator or American jeweler working with platinum or palladium can strictly speaking claim their product is American-made because the metals are only partially sourced from American mines. The FTC believes making such claim is misleading to consumers. So while we do not claim our products are made in the USA, we do support the American jewelry industry:

  • We support American jobs, employing over 3,000 people in North America across 32 sites, of which 28 are in the USA. Around half of these people are directly or indirectly involved in our jewelry manufacturing and refining operations.
  • All of our alloyed jewelry products, such as grain, tube, plate and wire, are fabricated in the USA.
  • We upgrade fresh mine material from miners and purify it in the USA to excellent delivery standards.
  • Our jewelry products contain mostly recycled metal, refined at our New Jersey refinery, which has the American Chemistry Council's RC 14001 Responsible Care standard. This exceeds the environmental, health and safety requirements of ISO 14001.
  • Our jewelry handling sites operate to the highest quality and environmental standards and are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified at a minimum.
  • Our platinum group metal (pgm) refinery is also ISO/TS 16949 certified.

Even if our products cannot be labelled as made in the USA, we believe our customer's products can be. We fully support the efforts of Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA), Rio Grande and other industry stakeholders to define the point of origin of jewelry metal as the location of the refiner or fabricator, such as Johnson Matthey. We believe that jewelry manufacturing is a "substantial transformation" of our metal in almost every way, and that this warrants the final jewelry bearing the name "Made in the USA".