As a world leading fabricator of platinum group metals (pgms) and their alloys, we are applying our expertise to speciality powders.

Ruthenium Powder

These precious metal powders are used in aerospace applications, such as combustion chamber parts for control thrusters of satellites and deep space probes. Precious metals are advantageous in these harsh environments, with excellent corrosion resistance and exceptional strength at extremely high temperatures.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of speciality metal powders is a cost effective method of making complex shapes and iterative designs with reduced lead times. This is of increasing interest in the aerospace industry; the next generation of thrusters are expected to be made by AM of pgm powders, providing longer lifetimes, reduced intrinsic metal content and greater freedom of design.

Outstanding Capabilities in Precious Metal Powders

We have the capacity to manufacture exceptional quality pgm powders, including Pt, Rh, Ir, Ru and alloys of these metals. These plasma treated spherical powders can be tailored for your AM needs and offer:

  • Excellent flow properties with low levels of satellites. 
  • A dense material with minimal internal porosity.
  • High purity, containing low levels of O2 and N2 entrapped gasses.

We will be offering bespoke powder size distributions specific to laser sintering, laser melting, binder jetting, or E-beam requirements. Our capabilities range from fine powders (10 - 45 µm) to coarse powders (45 - 125 µm) depending on your specific application. 

Precious Metal Coatings

The enhanced flow properties of pgm powders compared to conventional powders increases the operational efficiency of processes in other applications, particularly in manufacturing metal spray coatings.

Read our flyer (PDF, 1MB, opens in a new tab) or contact us for further information on precious metal powders and additive manufacturing.