Are you looking for an industrially sponsored Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering?

Johnson Matthey Ph.D. programme

Johnson Matthey's Center for Coatings and Surface Solutions (CCSS) is sponsoring a prestigious Ph.D. position starting in September 2017. The thrust of the research will be in the area of synthesis, and characterization of platinum group metal thin films and coatings as well as development of methodologies to improve properties and to enhance performance of thin film coatings for biomedical applications.

The candidate will be an integral participant in the newly established Center for Coatings and Surface Solutions (CCSS) at Johnson Matthey, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The successful candidate will primarily conduct research at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, in a laboratory equipped with a custom designed three-target magnetron sputtering system and will have access to significant characterization equipment at Rowan University and other instrumentation at user facilities off-campus.

During this Ph.D. program, the candidate will perform research at Rowan University for 10 months per year with the possibility of spending two summer months working as an intern at Johnson Matthey’s Center for Coatings and Surface Solutions. The center offers state of the art coating technologies and surface solutions to enhance the performance of medical and industrial components, and includes a Physical Vapor Deposition laboratory, with deposition conditions that can be fully customized to allow 2D and 3D deposition of various material systems as well as platinum group metal thin films and coatings.

Examples of coated sheet

To find out more about this opportunity and how to apply please download pdf (52KB). (opens in a new window)

All questions or informal enquiries can be addressed to Dr Shahram Amini.