Ritesh Rawal, Research Group Leader and Tasneem Sharif, Material Scientist, visited the department of Engineering Materials at the University of Sheffield. Their aim was to improve the collaboration between the University and Johnson Matthey, encouraging the academic and research staff to identify common interests and initiate future opportunities for working together.

Johnson Matthey R&D team visit Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield

Johnson Matthey are currently sponsoring two PhD. students to develop novel high entropy alloys and brazing materials for industrial applications. In the past, there have been collaborations in the field of metallurgy, glass and piezo-electrics.

During the visit, Ritesh Rawal gave a presentation about JM. The talk showcased our expertise in various precious metal industries, product range, applications as well as our rich history of research and innovation.

Ritesh demonstrated how the products developed by JM directly and intricately affect the daily life every one of us. There was a brief description of existing collaborative projects followed by the wider range of research areas. The talk was well received and was followed by some very productive after-talk sessions with academics interested in with working with us.

Johnson Matthey also sponsored two prizes for the ‘Best Poster’ at the annual undergraduate poster session. The posters were judged by Ritesh and Tasneem, along with the academic staff, based on quality of research, visual presentation, clarity of content and Q&A session. There were 54 posters covering metallurgy, glass, polymers, ceramics and bio-materials. The quality of the posters was exceptional and judges were extremely impressed by the content, presentation as well as the depth and breadth of the knowledge displayed by the students.

Winners of the poster competition

The JM prizes for best posters were given to Hannah Smith for the poster titled ‘Cement sponges for radioactivity’ and Jen-Yin Wang  for ‘The Return of the Artefact’, investigating the properties of sports shoes’.