Palladium is ductile while being resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It alloys well with other precious metals and we use this to provide desired characteristics.

Palladium Photo

We use palladium to manufacture diffusion tubes to extract extremely pure hydrogen for semiconductor applications. When alloyed with silver it makes the perfect material for the selective diffusion process, providing:

  • An indefinitely small permeability of other gases
  • Low expansion when saturated with hydrogen
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High plasticity
  • High strength.

We provide exceptional quality palladium based products for the jewellery industry, using its good casting features and its ability to alloy well with other precious metals.

Our catchment gauzes are used during ammonia oxidation. These exploit palladium's metal recovery properties to catch lost platinum from the catalyst gauze, reducing metal losses.

With our expertise in palladium, we have a developed a strong and rigid alloy suitable for pinning wire.

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