With extensive experience in working with platinum, we use its unique properties for a vast number of applications. We have capabilities to make a vast range of alloys tailored to your specific application.

Platinum Photo

We exploit platinum's exceptional catalytic ability to make gauzes for ammonia oxidation, serving the nitric acid, caprolactam and hydrogen cyanide industries. Our sensor and electronic products take advantage of platinum's high electrical conductivity and chemical inertness.

Its high melting point, strength and resistance to corrosion allow us to provide laboratory apparatus and ACTTM coatings for glass manufacturing. As platinum does not corrode in the body we use it to make a range of medical components. Its electrical conductivity makes it useful in pacemakers, and its visibility on x-ray images is beneficial for marker bands and guide-wires used in minimally invasive surgery.

We make various jewellery alloys that use platinum's strength and resistance to tarnish, while being soft and ductile.

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