We ensure your metal is safe, secure and fully accounted for through our refining services for precious metal products.

Refining of Precious Metals

As the largest precious metal refiner in the world we can offer the best refining package suited to your needs. With our state of the art process, wealth of knowledge and technical know-how, we will help you maximise the value of your scrap material. No requirements are too small or too large; we refine anything from gauzes and metal recovered during plant cleaning, to ACT™ coatings and precious metal fabrications.

Unlike most refiners, we return on all of the precious metals in your scrap. We have an honest, transparent and professional approach, with all refining conducted on our site. We are clear about the returns you are receiving, how long the metal takes to settle and the processing charges.

Keeping scrap segregated and uncontaminated allows us to offer faster and cheaper refining, providing better returns. If the metal is kept absolutely clean it does not have to be de-alloyed, so can be processed back into useful material.

If you would like reassurance of our care and diligence with your scrap, we can arrange an independent inspection for all or part of the refining process, or you are welcome to view the process yourself. 

We are able to offer all customers a metal pool account to hold your previous metal and deal with your refined materials. The settled metal can then be sold for full credit, returned physically, or held on account for future orders without being affected from metal price fluctuations. We can also advance metal that is in the refining process, offsetting the amount of new metal you need to purchase for another order. 

More information on the process can be found on the Johnson Matthey refining website.