We take a holistic view of where we source metal and how we are being responsible towards the environment and the communities in which we operate. We also encourage our suppliers to adopt their own values and we have systems in place to manage the activities of our supply chain and contractors.

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Recycled Metals

Despite there being no significant viable stream of 100% recycled platinum group metals, the majority of feedstock for our jewelry products is from secondary sources recycled at our own refineries. These are strictly and constantly monitored to ensure they meet demanding environmental standards. As a leading secondary refiner of platinum group metals, we're the refiner's refiner. We recycle:

  • Jewellers’ scrap into fresh mill products
  • Collectors’ scrap for final refining into pure metals and alloyed products, such as those supplied to our jewelry customers.
  • Virgin metal that is mixed with secondary metal

We also source pgms from similar, reputable and established refineries. Like us, they refine materials from a number of sources, everything from autocatalyst to jewelry scrap.

We’re often asked about 100% recycled platinum. Unlike gold, of which there are decades worth of supply above ground, there are few significant stocks of pgms above ground in vaults. Although mining is energy-intensive and sometimes hazardous, the market is finely balanced with little stock. Virgin metal is therefore required to satisfy demand for a number of sustainable industries, notably automotive catalysts. However, mining companies in South Africa, in particular, are heavily committed to continuous improvement in all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, including safety and conditions. In addition, we ensure the supply chain has excellent traceability and carried no conflict concerns or Dodd Frank reporting requirements.

With supply so tight, we believe that one user taking only recycled metal would have no net benefit, because this would merely shift the environmental burden to other users, like the auto industry. So it becomes an issue of how the miners and fabricators like us operate, treat the environment, their people and their community. 

While we wouldn’t claim our products are from 100% recycled metal, although they quite often are, we ensure they have a minimal impact on the environment. Our facilities are ISO14001 certified for their outstanding environmental performance and we are working towards our sustainability vision. We would encourage you to adopt our values of responsibility and pass it on through the supply chain, from mine to market, to improve the industry reputation and help sustain jewelry manufacturing.