We provide precious metal wire and ultrafine wire for sensor applications.platinum wire

Our precious metal wire can be made to the following purities:

  • 99.998% platinum
  • 99.97% palladium 
  • 99.9% iridium 
  • 99.9% rhodium 
  • 99.998% gold 

We can make a vast range of precious metal alloyed wire, including but not limited to:

  • Rhodium platinum (various alloys available)
  • Iridium platinum (various alloys available)
  • 10% nickel platinum
  • 8% tungsten platinum
  • 10% copper platinum
  • Silver palladium (various alloys available)
  • 15% molybdenum palladium
  • 37.5% copper/silver gold 
Our wire can be made to your required thickness, with typical diameters of:
  • 0.1-4.5mm (0.005-0.177”) for rhodium
  • 0.127-4.0mm (0.005-0.157”) for iridium
  • 0.03-25mm for all other wire 

It can be delivered in coils, on a choice of reels, straight lengths and as cropped pins. Iridium wire is available in continuous lengths or cropped to a minimum of 0.5mm (0.02”).

Ultrafine wire

Our ultrafine precious metal wire (0.01-0.025mm diameter) provides tightly controlled material properties, which we tailor to your needs. We work to the highest standards, ensuring a high level of process control and consistent quality.

For Temperature Measurement

Our ultrafine alpha platinum wire (0.01-0.025mm diameter) is an exceptional resistance thermometer detector (RTD) with its conductivity, high melting point, chemical inertness and extremely stable electrical properties. We can tailor make ingots to specific requirements through batch selection and careful doping. 

We tightly control the wire diameter with typical tolerances of ±3%. We supply wire with temperature coefficient of resistance (alpha value) of 0.003800-0.003925, with a tight tolerance up to ±3ppm. Commonly required wires for resistance thermometry include alpha values of:

  • 0.003850 for the industry standard for most sensors outside the USA and Japan. Typical wire diameter is 0.018mm.
  • 0.003900, originally specified for the British Aircraft Industry.
  • 0.003916 for accepted standard in the USA and Japan.
  • Greater than 0.003925 for high precision resistance thermometer detector using very pure platinum wire. Typical wire diameter is 0.07mm.

For Gas Sensing

Used to detect combustible gas, our sensors use established catalytic bead technology. We supply them in pairs, combining a detector and compensator. The detector has a catalytic bead supported on a very fine platinum wire and the presence of combustible gas will cause a catalytic oxidation reaction. This produces heat and changes the resistance of the wire, producing a signal from the bridge circuit proportional to the concentration of gas. 

Typically we supply wire in the following sizes:

  • 0.025mm to measure 220ohm/m resistance (±3%)
  • 0.015mm to measure 600ohm/m resistance (±5%)
  • 0.0125mm to measure 865ohm/m resistance (±5%)
  • 0.010mm to measure 1347ohm/m resistance (±5%)

Regalohm Wire

As well as our pure and alloyed wire, we make Regalohm wire available to the following specific resistance in micro ohm cm:

  • Regalohm 62 – 8% tungsten platinum
  • Regalohm 42 – 40% silver palladium
  • Regalohm 41 – 10% ruthenium platinum
  • Regalohm 32 – 20% iridium platinum
  • Regalohm 31 – 5% ruthenium, 15% rhodium platinum
  • Regalohm 25 – 10% iridium platinum
  • Regalohm 19 – 10% rhodium platinum
  • Regalohm 11 – 20% palladium silver
  • Regalohm 6 – 10% palladium silver

Zirconia Grain Stabilised Wire

We also offer Zirconia Grain Stabilised (ZGS) platinum or 10% rhodium platinum wire. Dispersing zirconia particles into the metal considerably improves the wire’s performance by:

  • Slowing down the degradation, extending the operating life
  • Increasing its mechanical strength and durability
  • Dramatically increasing resistance to grain growth, contamination and deformation.

Expanded Metal Mesh

We can incorporate expanded metal mesh to give structural integrity, high strength to weight ration and good rigidity. With our vast experience in manufacturing precious metals, we can use a range of metals in expanded metal mesh including platinum, gold and silver in pure or alloy form. And we can make the mesh dimensions to meet your requirements for specific applications.

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