As a market leader, our precious metal thermocouples are internationally renowned for highly accurate and reliable temperature measurement. We offer full technical support, including advice on safeguarding thermocouple performance and minimising drift.

thermocouple wire

Thermocouple wire can be supplied as individual wires or one reel with both thermoelements and the hot junction already formed.
Type Combination Working Temperature Range (°C)




Bare wire - Continuous Use

Bare Wire - Intermittent Use

Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed



10% Rh/Pt

0 to 1500

0 to 1650


IEC 60584-1 Class 1



13% Rh/Pt

0 to 1500

0 to 1650


IEC 60584-1 Class 1


6% Rh/Pt

30% Rh/Pt

200 to 1600

200 to 1750


IEC 60584-1 Class 2


20% Rh/Pt

40% Rh/Pt

700 to 1700

700 to 1800





40% Ir/Rh

1000 to 2000

1000 to 2100



All of our thermocouple wires and assemblies are made to international standards; they are tested in our UKAS accredited calibration laboratory and you’ll receive a certificate detailing emf outputs.

Our type R, S and B thermocouple wires are supplied in accordance with the emf and temperature relationships detailed in IEC 60584-1 (BS EN 60584-1) based on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90). All thermocouples can also be supplied based on IPTS-68 if required.

HTXTM Platinum Thermocouple Wire

Through our latest innovation we have developed HTXTM platinum thermocouple wire: a high strength thermocouple wire that withstands the most demanding applications, particularly those seen in the semiconductor industry. 

We are able to stabilise the grain boundaries in our HTXTM wire to give it outstanding strength compared to our standard platinum wire. This stabilisation prevents grains occupying the complete wire diameter and stops bamboo structures developing from the grains being easily displaced. Containing the grains allows the temperature measurement to be maintained, offering reliability in harsh environments.

HTXTM wire provides superior durability. It maintains excellent functionality after 1,200 hours at 1400°C with 400psi tensile loading during accelerated life testing. It also shows exceptional measurement accuracy, meeting IEC 60584-1 class 1 tolerance. 

Our HTXTM wire is available as type R and type S thermocouples, and we can manufacture it in any diameter within our typical size range to meet your specific requirements.    

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