Following our advice for storing your wire correctly will ensure its optimum performance. platinum wire

If your wire is stored incorrectly it can cause problems when using it, such as poor performance and breakages when using or removing the wire from the reel. The following tips will minimise any potential problems:

  • Store the reels in the cases supplied in the 'rolling position' to ensure the layers of wire do not tangle.
  • Store the wire on the reels it was supplied on, with any supporting bands remaining on the wire until it is used, and replaced if needed.
  • Store the wire at a constant temperature and do not subject it to extreme variations, as this will lead to thermal expansion, causing the wire to loosen and slip on the reel. If the wire is stored in a cold environment, we recommend the reels are brought to the working temperature at least 24 hours before use to allow the tension of the wire on the reel to adjust.
  • If a reel is part used, take care to ensure the end is correctly and securely tied off. Wire should never be tied up under another wrap of wire as this will cause tangling on future use.
  • Reels should not be stacked on each other; this avoids contact between the wire and the flange of another reel.
  • Store the reels in a clean environment, preferably in a dry atmosphere to prevent sticking during unwinding.

Full details with example images are available in several languages:
Wire storage guidance, Chinese (PDF, 286KB, opens in a new tab)
Wire storage guidance, English (PDF, 268KB, opens in a new tab)
Wire storage guidance, French (PDF, 271KB, opens in a new tab)
Wire storage guidance, Hindi (PDF, 431KB, opens in a new tab)
Wire storage guidance, Italian (PDF, 268KB, opens in a new tab)